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Semi-Sweet 5.2% ABV

Pineapple Cider: The easiest way to brave an Alaska winter and experience the long summer days ahead. After all, what’s more tropical than sunshine around the clock?

Extra Dry

Dry 6.7% ABV

This American-style cider is crafted with a blend of aromatic apples from the PNW, fermented dry with zero residual sugar, and served highly carbonated to give it a champagne-like finish. Think crisp, refreshing, and super basic; true to the apple itself. This is the first cider we ever made, so it has a special little place in our hearts.


Semi-Sweet 8% ABV

Ever have breakfast for dinner? Well, here’s your chance. This our answer to a champagne mimosa. We blend an imperial dry cider with orange juice and carbonate them both together to make this refreshing & delicious cider that’ll make you think it’s brunch, even when it’s dark out.


Semi-Dry 6.6% ABV

Three hop varietals and orange peel add floral aromas you “won’t soon forget” in this cider named after the AK state flower, the Forget-Me-Not.


Semi-Dry 6.7% ABV

You’ll quickly understand why it’s pronounced “app-uh-lanch” after an avalanche of apples hits your palate, followed by a crisp, dry finish.

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