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Grapefruit Lavender

Semi-Sweet 5.3% ABV

This juicy summer cider bursting with floral lavender aroma and ctirusy grapefruit flavor. Grab a 4-pack and ‘scend it like your parents did before social media made hiking cool…and don’t forget to tag us.


Semi-Sweet 5.2% ABV

Pineapple Cider: The easiest way to brave an Alaska winter and experience the long summer days ahead. After all, what’s more tropical than sunshine around the clock?


Semi-Dry 5.4% ABV

Enjoy this semi-dry cider, crafted with Irish ale yeast, boasting a 5.4% ABV. Infused with the comforting flavors of caramelized apples and maple sweetness, it culminates in a satisfying roasty finish.

Hopped Tropic

Semi-Dry 5.5% ABV

Crafted with a blend of hops boasting luscious tropical profiles, this cider tantalizes the senses with vibrant aromas and flavors. Sip into paradise with every sip, enhanced by the natural essence of fermented apple and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc grape skins. Pure tropical bliss awaits!

Boats ‘N Gose

Dry 5.2% ABV

Boats ‘N Gose was made with fresh ginger, agave, & sea salt from Prince William Sound Salt Co. This light-bodied cider is perfect for any day. Just a hint of sour and a touch of salt to make the complexity pop in all the right ways.

Cherry Lau

Barrel-Aged Sour 6.0% ABV

Cherry Lau is a barrel-aged sour cider with a burst of cherry flavor, which is crafted in oak foudres for an old-world twist.

Forest Bittersweet

Semi-Dry 6.5% ABV

Embark with us on a mystical journey through the dark forest, foraging for spruce tips, slightly caramelized bittersweet apples, oak, bittered Cascade hops, and hints of ginger.

Spiced Apple

Semi-Sweet 5.4% ABV

Indulge in the flavor of our semi-sweet Spiced Apple cider—a delightful blend that captures the essence of a freshly baked apple pie. Our carefully crafted beverage boasts a rich flavor profile achieved by infusing our semi-dry cider with the perfect balance of cinnamon and orange zest, resulting in a velvety, harmonious finish. Cozy up and savor the comforting notes of autumn in every sip.

Tropic Phantasy

Semi-Dry 5.5% ABV

Embark on a sensory journey with Tropic Phantasy, a cider that bursts with tropical aromas and flavors. Surprisingly, this vibrant experience is achieved without the addition of any extra juices—just the pure essence of fermented apples. Elevating the taste adventure, we’ve introduced a generous infusion of delectable Phantasm powder crafted from New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc grape skins. Immerse yourself in the exotic allure of Tropic Phantasy, where the essence of fruit takes center stage.

Extra Dry

Dry 6.7% ABV

This American-style cider is crafted with a blend of aromatic apples from the PNW, fermented dry with zero residual sugar, and served highly carbonated to give it a champagne-like finish. Think crisp, refreshing, and super basic; true to the apple itself. This is the first cider we ever made, so it has a special little place in our hearts.


Semi-Sweet 8% ABV

Ever have breakfast for dinner? Well, here’s your chance. This our answer to a champagne mimosa. We blend an imperial dry cider with orange juice and carbonate them both together to make this refreshing & delicious cider that’ll make you think it’s brunch, even when it’s dark out.

Pepper Peak

Semi-Dry 6.6% ABV

Named after the 5,423’ tall peak in the Chugach front range, Pepper Peak boasts a mountain of flavor and gentle heat from poblano, habañero, and jalapeño peppers.


Semi-Sweet 5.4% ABV

Our Cranberry Cider hits your palate with the tartness of pure cranberry juice and the smoothness of a deep, toe-side carve on a bluebird day after the storm.

Archived / Off-Season

Almata Of Love

Semi-Sweet 6.5% ABV

Made with locally-sourced, red-fleshed Almata apples, grown in AK! Enjoy this pink-hued cider with a perfect balance of tart and sweet, boasting hints of honey and citrus in every sip!

Snow White Graf

Semi-Dry 6.2% ABV

We collabed with Magnetic North Brewing Co. to craft the enchanting Snow White – a caramel apple beer and blended it with our hand crafted cider, created the perfect pallet for beer and cider lovers.

Christmas Cranberry

Semi-Sweet 5.4% ABV

Indulge in the festive harmony of our Seasonal Cider Christmas Cranberry – a semi-sweet blend with a touch of cinnamon and the delightful burst of cranberry cheer. ‘Tis the season to savor every sip! This seasonal cider is a twist on our favorite Fall seasonal cider, Cranberry.

Pineapple Toasted Coconut

Semi-Sweet 5.2% ABV

The 49th & 50th states partner up with a little bit of toasted coconut to create Aloha in Alaska. This super refreshing Pineapple Cider remix will drive you absolutely coconuts!

Farmhouse Hopped

Barrel-Aged 7.2% ABV

Sour barrel-aged with bittered hops. Fermented with wild yeast and bacteria and aged in our French oak foudre.

AK Apple

Dry 5.3% ABV

Made exclusively with AK apples picked fall 2021. Fermented with wild yeast naturally growing on the apple skins.

Crimson & Mint

Semi-Dry 6.0% ABV

This cider was finished with Alaska-grown crimson rhubarb and fresh mint, harvested by local farmers to add the perfect degree of cool. tart, and sweet.

Botanical Cyser

Semi-Dry Cyser 6.0% ABV

A “cyser” is a hybrid between a mead and a cider, fermenting apples & honey. Complimented by juniper, coriander, & lime; this floral delight is just in time for summer vibes.

Blueberry Sour

Barrel-Aged Sour 6.0% ABV

Our sour cider is fermented & aged in oak foudres to bring out every last bit of old-world cider flavor. But why stop there? How can we make it truly emblamatic of Alaska? Bloobs!